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Obligatory "Shop Small" Post for #SmallBusinessSaturday

Hello all!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means the holiday shopping season has officially begun!

Now, I totally understand the impulse to fire up your laptop and buy all your gifts online. It’s just so easy. No mall traffic, no crowds, no hassle. What could be better?

Well, for starters, I know just about every one of you has seen those ultra-trite Facebook memes about supporting small businesses because it helps little girls get tap shoes and little boys play baseball, parents put food on the table, blah blah blah. It’s sappy.


Every penny that you spend at a local business goes back in to YOUR community. Every local business owner I know would be eternally grateful if you would give them one chance to prove just how much better and more impactful your experience can be when you choose to support small businesses in your area.

So even though you’ve probably heard it a thousand times already, and you’ll probably hear it a thousand more times before everything is said and done, let me beg you, on bended internet knee:


There are tons of great locals in the Harrisburg/Concord area that we are proud to support:

When you support Katie at Sassy Brass, she gets to buy her son books about Lego Batman!

When you support Avery at Avery’s Flowers, he gets to spoil his three grandkids!

When you support Lisa at My Sister Creates, she gets to spend more time volunteering with young people at her church!

When you support Allison and Terri at What’s New Charlotte, they get to help families new to the area make themselves feel really at home!

And when you support us, not only do you allow our dog Cady to live the lavish lifestyle she so deserves, you allow us to give back to awesome charities like the Disabled American Veterans Chapter #27 in Concord!

What goes around, comes around.

So won’t you please give us something to be thankful for this weekend?

Other than leftover turkey, that is.

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