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COVID-19: What's Changed & What Hasn't

Not gonna sugarcoat it, y'all. These are strange and difficult times.

We are planning to re-open on May 12th, provided no new local ordinances are implemented.

Things will be a little different, so just as a heads up:

~Our store will be operating on a shortened schedule.

We will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.

~No more than 5 customers will be allowed in the store at a time.

~Patrons will be strongly encouraged to wear masks while shopping whenever possible and to sanitize their hands upon entering the store.

~Upon entering, please kindly follow the arrows on the floor. Patrons will be required to keep the recommended distance of six feet from all other patrons and staff while browsing.

~At this time, we will NOT be able to accept more than 6 books at a time for store credit from any individual, even with an appointment. This will be STRICTLY enforced. This will allow time for sanitizing items as they come in and allow us to ensure that all patrons receive credit in a timely fashion.

None of us can say for sure exactly what tomorrow will bring. We've had to learn to be flexible and patient, both with ourselves and with each other. But please understand, we will get through this. Together.

We have been so touched by the outpouring of love we've received from all of you.

Endless Facebook messages, phone calls, and emails~I can't count how many times I've heard, "Are you doing ok? We want you to still be here when all this is over."

Or, "I'd rather buy it from you all."

Or, "Thank you for being here."

We appreciate your business, now and always.

Those corporate stores and Amazon all have their place, I understand that. But I can say with relative certainty that Jeff Bezos and those other CEOs don't greet you by name when you come to browse.

They don't make a note that your students last year really loved a particular series so that they can set aside extra copies for you when they come in.

They don't remember that your grandma in the nursing home loves a good romance, (none of that sexy stuff!) but only those written by a specific author whose name you've forgotten.

And they definitely don't want to see the pictures of your ferrets in the Christmas hats they sold you last year. (Or maybe they do, they were honestly adorable. True story.)

But we do. We appreciate all the little ways you let us be a part of your lives every day.

Because that's what it means to be part of a community.

We are grateful, from the very bottoms of our hearts, for the support you've shown over these long weeks. We will be here when all this is over. We are committed to working with you, with your families, and with your schools to provide some sort of normalcy in the crazy days ahead, even if that just means a good book to read until we can all be together again. The world will keep turning, and we will figure out a way to keep moving forward.

We love you. Stay safe.

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